by The Hare and Hoofe

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released February 19, 2015



all rights reserved


The Hare and Hoofe London, UK

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Track Name: Man Mark V
Mark one! We were living in the deep, deep jungle, just a ’swinging from tree to tree,
Mark two! Scratch a living from the plains and savannah and a hunting for the goats and bees,
Mark three! Irrigation, the formation of a nation, sail our boats across the sea,
Mark four! Smoke belching out of tall, tall chimneys, mass production and the GDP.

This is where we’ve come from
Who knows what will be
Mark five

Status updates on a mobile phone
Massive tellies in every home
iPad iPod iphone shit
Like this like that count the hits
Text your votes to 0303
You didn’t like him but you might like me
All you need in 140
60 second news on BBC3

This is what we’ve come to
Who knows what will be

Mark Five
Mark One! We were hairy faced primates all surviving as best we can
Mark Two! Upright chimps, missing links , knapping flints, living like The Piltdown Man
Mark Three! Embracing arts and philosophy, heaven on the face of the Earth
Mark 4! Mutually assured destruction and our fate was determined from birth

Mark Five
Still online in the dead dead of night
Sucking up all the audiovisual shite
Cry enough you'll get your wish
Too much chicken, not enough fish
Scoffing down the processed crap
Marijuana leaf baseball caps
Cameras tracking wherever you are
Driving around in your shitty little car

This is where we’ve come from
Who knows what will be
Mark five
Mark five
Track Name: Crab!
Crab!, Everybody do the crab